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What exactly is the TARDIS? The TARDIS, or Time and Relative Dimension in Space, is a time traveling machine, brought to life by the infamous Doctor Who. Which brings up a better question, who is Doctor Who??

WIKI describes Doctor Who as the pilot of he TARDIS in the British science fiction television program. The Doctor is from an extraterrestrial civilization, called the Time Lords (a time traveling, humanoid alien). The series has been broadcast on public television for 50 years, celebrating that 50 years anniversary in 2013. With many companions that the Doctor has traveled with the Doctor faces a variety of foes while working to save civilizations, help ordinary people, and right wrongs. There has also been 12 different doctors with the transitions from actor to actor, written into the plot of the show as regeneration, with the current one (2013) Matt Smith. That is, in short, a brief synopsis of the Doctor Who.

Let’s get back to the definition of the TARDIS… The TARDIS is a product of the advanced technology of the Time Lords, of which the Doctor belongs. The TARDIS is used for time travel, and can easily transport its occupants to any point in time and place in the universe. What does the TARDIS look like, for good camouflage tactics, the TARDIS is cleverly disguised as a Blue British Police Call Box, but has not always been a Police Call Box. In one of the earlier episodes, the ship’s “chameleon circuit” giving it the ability to blend in with its surroundings, got jammed, and the TARDIS become to look like what it was the closest to, the Blue British Police Call Box. Inside the TARDIS is much larger than it appears on the outside, with the inside being set up to be the Doctor’s laboratory (for lack of a better term).

Over the years the series Doctor Who has acquired its own followers, called Whovians. Just as a Trekkers were created from the series Star Trek, Whovians are just as dedicated to their Doctor Who. You can follow Shawn’s companion page at

In my video on here, you can see how this wooden creation of the Traveling TARDIS became. Or visit this link to read about the TARDIS at the 2013: IA State Fair.


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